Translation and Interpreting

Research in Translation and Interpreting is centred around two subthemes of Theoretical and practice-based research and Creative work.

There is an extensive cohort of practice-based research, such as research on public sign translation, subtitle translation, community translation, translation checking, online interpreting, online interpreting training and testing, liaison interpreting, and sign language interpreting. There is also research on various issues of translation and interpreting pedagogy.

The School is home to award winning translators including from German, Dr Geoff Wilkes and Japanese, Associate Professor Tomoko Aoyama. Translation research in the School encompasses literary and scholarly translations of contemporary and historical texts from, and into, a wide range of European and Asian languages.

Creative Works

Ilse Aichinger. The Greater Hope. (Würzburg: Konigshausen & Neumann, 2016). Translated by Geoff Wilkes.

Awarded the translation prize from the Austrian Federal Chancellery.

Yijarni: true stories from Gurindji country. (Canberra,  ACT, Australia: Aboriginal Studies Press, 2016). Edited by Erica Charola and Felicity Meakins.

Kanai, Mieko. Oh, Tama! (Fukuoka, Japan: Kurodahan Press. 2014; Paperback edition, 2016). Translated by Tomoko Aoyama, and Paul McCarthy.

Awarded the Japanese Womens Literature Prize

Historias clandestinas. (Santiago, Chile: LOM Ediciones, 2014). By Ariel and Sol Rojas Lizana.