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Something old, something new: Indigenous languages since colonization.
This project seeks to undertake the first extensive survey of colonial language change in Australia

Recent Publications

Aoyama, T. (2017) From ‘national’ literature to multicultural literature in ‘Japanese’ language? In K. Okano and Y. Sugimoto (eds.), Rethinking Japanese studies: Eurocentrism and the Asia-Pacific region (pp. 53-72) Abbingdon, Oxon, UK: Routledge.

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Chang, W. & Fukushima, S. (2017) ‘Your care and concern are my burden!’: Accounting for the emic concepts of ‘attentiveness’ and ‘empathy’ in interpersonal relationships among Taiwanese females. East Asian Pragmatics, 2(1),1-23.

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Round, E. (2017) Phonological exceptionality is localized to phonological elements: the argument from learnability and Yidiny word-final deletion. In C. Bowern, L. Horn, R. Zanuttini (sds.), On looking into words (and beyond): structures, relations, analyses (pp. 59-98). Berlin: Language Sciences Press.

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