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The Illustrated Literature of Papunya and Strelley (2020-2024)

Literature Production Centres at Papunya and Strelley (WA) published hundreds of illustrated books during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

Recent Publications

Lee, Dongbae (Isaac) and Wang, Qunyi (2023). Portrayal of the national identity in Chinese language textbooks. Journal of Curriculum Studies. (pp. 1-16) (DOI; view full statistics)

Lee, Dongbae (Isaac) (2021). The Construction of Korean culture in Korean language textbooks: ideaologies and textbooks. Lexington

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Rojas-Lizana, Sol and Dolhare, María Itatí (2022). Applying the principles of Vivir Bien to a court resolution in Bolivia: language, discourse and land law. Critical Discourse Studies

Hashimoto, Kayoko and Kusunoki, Rika (2022). Is 'Easy Japanese' a Language Option? Local Responses to the Increasing Foreign Resident Population from Southeast Asia. Asian Studies Review.

Hashimoto, Kayoko (2022).Why Are You Learning Japanese? Vietnamese University Students’ Perspectives on Work and Life between Vietnam and Japan. Asian Studies Review.

Rojas-Lizana, Sol and Dolhare, María Itatí (2021). ¿Qué Importa el preámbulo?: pensamiento decolonial en el preámbulo de las constituciones de Bolivia y Ecuador: una aproximación desde el análisis del discurso. Critical Discourse Studies

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Rojas-Berscia, Luis Miguel (2021). Pre-historical language contact in Peruvian Amazonia: a dynamic approach to Shawi (Kawapanan)

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Lee, Sheng-Hsun (2021). Language program reintegration after study abroad: voices of the teacher and classmates at home. Language and Sociocultural Theory

Lee, Seryun (2021). Translating YouTube vlogs for a global audience: innovative subtitling and community-building. International Journal of Cultural Studies

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Díaz, Adriana, Cordella, Marisa and Ramos, Fabiane (2021). Resistance to monoligualism: school principals and head of languages’ voices on factors that promote and deter languages education in Queensland, Australia.

Wang, Haiyan and Crosthwaite, Peter (2021). The affordances of WeChat voice messaging for Chinese EFL learners during private tutoring

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Barnett, Jenny Davis (2021). Peter Abelard [reference entry]. The Literary Dictionary Company Limited


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