Linguistics – the scientific study of language – explores how humans communicate by examining the relationships between structure, meaning and context.

Linguistics can be complemented by studies in a wide range of Arts, Humanities and Sciences. Some of the areas that are commonly studied alongside linguistics are:

  • Languages: any one or more of the modern languages offered in the School of Languages and Cultures or the classical languages offered in the School of HAPI
  • Psychology: particularly for those with an interest in child language development or language processing
  • Education: possibly alongside languages for those wanting to be language teachers, or with early childhood education for an understanding of language development
  • Anthropology: to gain a deeper understanding of the relationships between language and culture
  • Mathematics: for those with an interest in language structure and modelling
  • Physics: especially for those with an interest in the acoustics of speech
  • Writing: to deepen understanding of how written language draws from, and where it differs from, natural spoken language