Australia is a massively multilingual country in one of the world’s most linguistically diverse regions. Significant collections of this intangible cultural heritage have been amassed, including collections of Australian Indigenous languages, regional languages of the Pacific, and of Australian English, as well as collections important for cyber-security and for emergency communication.

The Language Data Commons of Australia (LDaCA) will integrate this existing work into a national research infrastructure, while also securing collections which remain under-utilised or at risk. LDaCA will thus ensure long-lasting access for analysis and reuse of these invaluable data, and will manage the data in a culturally, ethically and legally appropriate manner guided by FAIR and CARE principles. 

The project is a collaboration between researchers and eResearch professionals at the University of Queensland, ANU, First Languages Australia, Monash University, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney and AARNet, in conjunction with ARDC.

For further information, please see the LDaCA website:

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Project members

Professor Michael Haugh

Applied Linguistics Program
School of Languages and Cultures

Dr Sam Hames

Research Fellow (Computational Humanities)
School of Languages and Cultures

Dr Martin Schweinberger

Applied Linguistics Program
Lecturer in Applied Linguistics
School of Languages and Cultures