Conversational Interaction in Aboriginal and Remote Australia (CIARA)

January 2018December 2022
ARC Discovery Project

The CIARA project will provide the first large-scale exploration of conversational style in Australia. The project investigates everyday conversation, comparing social interaction across different languages, cultures and geographic locations. Using modern Conversation Analytic/Interactional Linguistic techniques, we aim to re-examine claims that Aboriginal Australians conduct conversations in different ways to Anglo-Australians. We will record and transcribe Australian English multiparty conversations in remote Kimberley and rural Victorian towns, and compare these with multiparty conversations conducted in four endangered Aboriginal languages (Gija, Jaru, Garrwa and Murrinhpatha) and in Kriol, from remote communities in WA and the NT. These corpora will provide a new evidence-base for investigating Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal conversational norms and contribute to the scientific study of social interaction.

For more information, please visit the CIARA Project website.  


Project members

Professor Ilana Mushin

Deputy Head of School
Linguistics Major Program Convenor
School of Languages and Cultures

Associate Professor Rod Gardner

Honorary Associate Professor & Honorary Associate Professor
School of Languages and Cultures