Researcher biography

Michael Haugh is Professor of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

His research interests lie primarily in the field of pragmatics, the study of the use of language in context, with a particular focus on studying the role of language in social interaction. He works with recordings and transcriptions of naturally occuring spoken interactions, as well as data from digitally-mediated forms of communication across a number of languages, as he is ultimately interested in the ways in which pragmatic phenomena have their distinct local flavours, both across and within languages and cultures. An area of emerging importance in his view is the role that language corpora and technologies can play in pragmatics and linguistics more broadly. He is currently leading the establishment of the Language Data Commons of Australia (LDaCA) ( and the Australian Text Analytics Platform (ATAP) (, as well as being co-director of the Language Technology and Data Analysis Laboratory (LADAL) (

He has published more than 150 papers and books, including Sociopragmatics of Japanese (2023, Routledge, with Yasuko Obana), Im/Politeness Implicatures (2015, Mouton de Gruyter), Pragmatics and the English Language (2014, Palgrave Macmillan, with Jonathan Culpeper), and Understanding Politeness (2013, Cambridge University Press, with Dániel Z. Kádár). He has also co-edited a number of books and special issues of journals, including Morality in Discourse (forthcoming, Oxford University Press, with Rosina Márquez Reiter), the Sociopragmatics of Emotion (forthcoming, Cambridge University Press, with Laura Alba-Juez), Action Ascription in Interaction (2022, Cambridge University Press, with Arnulf Deppermann), the Cambridge Handbook of Sociopragmatics (2021, Cambridge University Press, with Marina Terkourafi and Dániel Z. Kádár), and the Handbook of Linguistic (Im)politeness (2017, Palgrave Macmillan with Jonathan Culpeper and Dániel Z. Kádár). He was co-Editor in Chief of the Journal of Pragmatics (Elsevier, from 2015-2020, and is currently co-editor of Cambridge Elements in Pragmatics book series (Cambridge University Press,

Featured projects Duration
Australian Text Analytics Platform (ATAP)
ARDC Co-Investment Project (now part of LDaCA)
Language Data Commons of Australia (LDaCA)
ARDC Co-investment Project