2018 European Society for the Study of English Awards

20 Sep 2018

Congratulations to former student Dr Eduard Moyà who's book Journeys in the SunTravel Literature and Desire in the Balearic Islands (1903-1939). Col·lecció Estudis Anglesos. Palma: UIB Edicions. 2016, has been awarded the 2018 'European Society for the Study of English' book award for Junior Scholars in the section 'Cultural and Area Studies in English'.

This book is the final product of the PhD thesis supervised by Dr Roberto Esposto, Dr Juliana De Nooy and Dr Alfredo Martinez-Esposito (now with University of Melbourne) in the School of Languages and Cultures in 2012.

Eduard would like to congratulate the School and give a big thank you to its wonderful people for their support, guidance and ongoing effort.

To read the full review of Eduard's book by 'The European Society for the Study of English', please click here.