Balai Bahasa dan Budaya Indonesia Queensland Inc. (BBBIQ)

19 October 2018

Congratulations to Zane Goebel, Coordinator Indonesian Program, on being elected president of the Balai Bahasa dan Budaya Indonesia Queensland Inc. (BBBIQ) 

BBBIQ is partially funded by the Indonesian government to support the teaching and learning of Indonesian language addition to supplementing the work of MLTA-Q (i.e. networking teachers so that they can share ideas and resources). BBBIQ also helps resource schools to run language/culture workshops, contributes to large Indonesia-focused festivals and the hosting of the Indonesian Ambassador and/or cultural attaché.

BBBIQ already has dense links with QLD school teachers and the education department as well as with private schools who have very large numbers of students studying Indonesian in the early years through to year 9. BBBIQ is also connected to chapters that are created in all states, as well as it seems with Indonesians studying in Brisbane, the Australia Indonesia Youth Association, and the Australia Indonesia Business Council.

For more information on School of Languages and Cultures Indonesian program, please click here.