Chinese Writing Contest 2022

It is time again for the annual Chinese Writing Contest, open to all Queensland schools teaching Chinese between years 5—12.

Again this year, the Confucius Institute at The University of Queensland will sponsor two Supreme Awards: one each for the best overall entry from Sections I—IV and Sections V—VIII. This is in addition to the usual First, and Second Prize for each section.

The Writing Contest should be held in your School on the day(s) of your choice between Tuesday 4 and 13 October 2022. As usual, there are eight sections to cater for different year levels and students' language background.

Non-native SpeakersNative speakers
SectionYear levelSectionYear level

Students who are native speakers of Mandarin or any Chinese dialect can only enter in the Native Speakers Sections. For fairness to the students who are non-native speakers of Chinese, please ensure that this rule is strictly adhered to. Any students who studied until year 2 in a Chinese speaking region such as mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Singapore should be categorised in the Native Speakers Sections.

The writing tasks for the Contest have been prepared by Chinese teachers in our School. The task statements and answer sheets will be emailed to Queensland schools in early September.

If you have not received a contest pack via email by the end of September 2021, please contact SLC Engagement via email

The best two entries for each Section from each School may be submitted for judging. If more than two are submitted, only two randomly selected entries will be assessed. 

All entries should be received by the School by close of business, Friday 21 October 2021. The final judging will be undertaken by a panel of three Chinese language teachers from the School of Languages and Cultures. 

All participating schools will be notified of the results by 11 November 2021. 

Enquiries: Dr Angela Cook ( or SLC Engagement (

Please note that entries must be submitted online via email to If you would like to submit an entry for your School, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Complete the participation form listing all the names of participating students.
  2. Ensure all students sign a plagiarism declaration form. Teachers will also require to sign a plagiarism declaration form prior to submitting entries.
  3. Select up to two entries for each Section from your School. Please use your professional knowledge and expertise to ensure that each entry is the student's own work.
  4. Compose an email to with '2022 Chinese Writing Contest: Insert school name here' as the subject line, and attach the following documents as high quality images:
  5. Submit competition entries.

 If the attachments exceed more than 25MB, we recommend uploading them onto a Cloud Storage such as Google Drive or One Drive and send through the links.