UQ Linguistics Honours Student Awarded ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship

5 Apr 2024

Madeleine Orr, Linguistics Honours student at UQ, has achieved a significant milestone by securing the highly competitive ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship.

This prestigious award will grant her the opportunity to spend two months at the Universität Zürich alongside Professor Balthasar Bickel's renowned computational biology lab, one of the largest linguistics research groups worldwide.

"I hadn’t heard of this scholarship before Professor Felicity Meakins brought it up to me," Madeleine said, expressing heartfelt gratitude for the support and guidance she received from her professor.

Partnering with Professor Bickel’s lab presents Madeleine with a unique opportunity to delve into large-scale comparative language studies, expanding her analytical skills and gaining exposure to diverse methodologies.

"Professor Bickel’s team is doing amazing large-scale comparative language work," she said, highlighting the potential for cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange.

The ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship not only offers Madeleine a chance to engage in cutting-edge research but also provides a platform to immerse herself in the vibrant Swiss research culture.

"Swiss research culture seems to be incredibly collaborative," she said, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to be part of a community-driven ecosystem fostering international and interdisciplinary collaboration.

As Madeleine embarks on this transformative journey, she envisions her time in Zurich as more than just a scholarly pursuit; it's an opportunity to be part of a community of researchers dedicated to producing new knowledge and inspiring future generations.

"One thing I hope to get out of my time in Zurich is the chance to experience being part of a community of researchers," she said.

Madeleine aims to leverage her experience to foster exchange opportunities between Universität Zürich and UQ, building upon the existing strategic alliance partnership plan between the two institutions.

"Universität Zürich and UQ have a strategic alliance partnership plan," she said, highlighting the potential for strengthening ties and facilitating knowledge sharing between students and researchers.

In her role as an ambassador for international research collaboration, Madeleine encourages fellow students to overcome self-doubt and apply for international research opportunities.

With the support of the ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship, Madeleine embodies the spirit of academic excellence and collaboration, poised to make a lasting impact in the field of linguistics and beyond.