Language Power Unleashed: Inspiring Students at Brisbane Girl's Grammar School!

9 Jun 2023

On Wednesday 24 May, we visited Brisbane Girls Grammar School for a captivating workshop on the benefits of studying a language, led by our Director of Teaching and Learning, Dr Adriana Diaz!

The students were incredibly engaged throughout the session, discovering that studying a language in school can boost their ATAR rankings. We also had a fantastic Q&A session led by Ms Sherrie Hoang, our School Manager, where she answered questions about UQ admission schemes and adjustments for university-level studies. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ms Cathy Lu, Director of International Studies, and Brisbane Girls Grammar School for graciously hosting us. Here's a glimpse of our wonderful visit:

Dr Adriana Diaz, conducted an interactive session that captivated the students. Her expertise and passion for language learning truly shone through, inspiring the young minds present. The workshop emphasised the wide range of opportunities language skills can unlock. Dr Diaz highlighted how language proficiency opens doors to diverse careers, empowering students to become future global leaders.

The students at Brisbane Girls Grammar School were eager to learn and actively participated in the discussions. They discovered that studying a language not only broadens their horizons but can also positively impact their ATAR rankings, unlocking new academic opportunities.

Ms Sherrie Hoang led a dynamic Q&A session where she addressed students' questions about:

Her insights and explanations shed light on the tangible benefits of subject selection.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ms Cathy Lu and Brisbane Girls Grammar School for their warm hospitality and for providing us with the opportunity to share our knowledge. Their commitment to providing a platform for educational growth is commendable. Keep up the passion for language learning!