Japanese lecturer interviewed by The Washington Post

22 Oct 2020

Congratulations to School of Languages and Cultures Japanese lecturer, Associate Professor David Chapman, who has been interviewed by The Washington Post on the history of the Bonin (Ogasawara) Islands.

The Washington Post’s Tokyo bureau chief Simon Denyer has described David Chapman’s book, The Bonin Islanders, 1830 to the Present: Narrating Japanese Nationality, as the “authoritative history of the [Ogasawara Islands] islands” in an article posted this year. David’s book is the result of an 8 year research project that involved traversing numerous countries to track down archival material and people connected to the islands. The islands have a complex history of territorial claims by Britain, Japan, the United States and Russia that have all impacted on the Bonin Islander community over generations. David’s book and numerous research articles have documented the fascinating and multifaceted background of this resilient community drawing interest from both academia and the public.

To read the full article by The Washinton Post, please click here