Mariko Bando Fellowship recipient Esther Lovely shares her experience in Japan

17 Jun 2019

"Thanks to the Mariko Bando Fellowship, I had the opportunity not only to carry out a post-doctoral project, but to familiarise myself with the academic environment in Japan, network with Japanese academics in my field; and to develop Japanese communication skills.

The fellowship provided accommodation in Sangenjaya, an extremely convenient central Tokyo location just two stop from the bustling centre of Shibuya. This enabled me to participate in a number of conferences, workshops and seminars where I networked with local Japanese academics. In addition, my flexible schedule and the autonomy I was granted gave me time to explore and enjoy Tokyo and visit other parts of Japan. Rowing a boat under the cherry blossoms in Chidorigafuchi park, and visiting the World Heritage-listed shrines at Nikko were particularly memorable experiences.  

Being at Showa Women’s also gave me the chance to take on the role of guest speaker, including lectures I gave to Showa Women’s students based on my research and my experiences of academic writing. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity that I had to give a presentation to students from the middle and high school cohort, who were preparing to study in Canada, about making friends and adjusting to an unfamiliar culture. Throughout all of these experiences, I had various opportunities to use and improve my spoken and written Japanese skills.  

I am very grateful for the generous support of the fellowship set up by Chancellor Bando and the kind assistance of staff at Showa Women’s University, particularly staff in the Institute of Women’s Culture and the Centre for International Exchange, who made it a valuable and enjoyable experience." Esther Lovely 


If you're interested in applying for the The Showa Women’s University Mariko Bando Fellowship, please click here for more details. Applications close Friday, 28 June.