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Download the final conference programme and the book of abstracts here

The University of Queensland are happy to organise the 3rd Conference on Discourse, Culture & Interaction.

The conference will provide a forum for researchers in the areas of Pragmatics, (Applied) LInguistics, Communication Studies, Cultural Studies among others to share their research findings.

We particularly welcome submissions from early career researchers - including Honours, MA and PhD. 

Abstracts are invited for papers on any topic relevant to discourse analysis, culture and interaction, including but not limited to:

  • social action in interaction;
  • Identity construction;
  • Multilingual speech communities;
  • L2 studies/pragmatics;
  • Intercultural/cross-cultural studies;
  • Humour;
  • Digital communication;
  • (Im)politeness studies.


Keynote will be presented by Associate Professor Lucien Brown from Monash University.

Title: Multimodal politeness: Voice, gesture, embodiment

Abstract: Politeness (as well as impoliteness) is evidently not something that resides only in spoken words and constructions. Even the most ostensibly polite utterance can be rendered in a way that makes it impolite if delivered with a certain prosody, or if accompanied by rude gestures. Reflecting the importance of vocal and embodied aspects of politeness, recent years have witnessed a multimodal turn within politeness research. An ever-increasing number of studies are investigating the ways that speakers design their vocal productions and embodied behaviours to mediate politeness-related meanings. In this talk, I will overview a series of collaborative studies that I have worked on primarily with Korean data, but also studies that involve speakers of Japanese, Chinese, Catalan, Russian, German and English speakers. I demonstrate that politeness-related meanings are indexed in a multimodal and holistic fashion across several areas of acoustics, sound objects (i.e., non-verbal speech sounds), gestures and other bodily visual practices. Politeness does not reside “in” any of these other channels, but rather emerges in context through the simultaneous usage of different, complementary modalities. I will contend that the design of politeness-related features of vocal and embodied communication are not random, but index politeness via associations with decreased animateness, decreased freedom of action, and non-threatening stances.

Meet the presenter

Lucien Brown

Associate Professor Lucien Brown, Monash University

Lucien Brown is a Korea Foundation Associate Professor in Korean Studies. Prior to joining Monash in January 2018, they worked at University of Oregon, USA (2011-2017). Lucien obtained their MA in Korean Studies and PhD in Korean Language Research from SOAS University of London, UK. They are currently an Associate Editor of Journal of Pragmatics, and Editor of Korean Linguistics. They are also an applied linguist who carries out research in two interrelated fields: politeness research and socio-cultural language learning/teaching.

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Abstract submission

Conference presentation on 27 - 28 November

Abstracts (max. 350 words, excluding references) need to be submitted via email (see below).

In your abstract file please include: (1) title of the paper, (2) full name, and (3) affiliation.

All the abstracts will be anonymised prior to the peer-review process.

Abstracts must be submitted to


Workshop/data session proposals

28 November

On the second day of the conference, we will run a number of workshops/data sessions on the conference topics mentioned above. If you have a dataset you would like to explore in detail with the group, please submit your proposal (max 200 words, exluding a short data sample) via email (

Your submissions must include:

(1) proposed title of the workshop

(2) short description of the data/topic of interest

(3) short data sample

(4) full name, and

(5) affiliation

This conference is free of charge for presenters and attendees. The conference will be held in person.


Key Dates

Abstract submission deadlineNotification of outcomeRegistrtation opensRegistration close (participants)Full programme available
25 September16 October16 October6 November20 November

We are looking forward to hearing about your research findings!

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Organising Committee

Dr Valeria Sinkeviciute & Discourse Discussion Group (DDG)


The University of Queensland, St Lucia