Researcher biography

I am originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina where I achieved a tertiary level degree as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language. In the year 2000, after completing these studies, I came to Australia as an international student to complete a BA (Hons) in Languages and Applied Linguistics. I then continued my postgraduate studies in the area of critical intercultural language pedagogy. For nearly two decades, I have been involved in teaching across Applied Linguistics, English, Italian and Spanish language programs in Australian higher education. I am a passionate languages and intercultural education scholar whose theoretical and empirical work centre on how insights from critical pedagogy and decolonial theories can help us un/re-learn the ways in which we engage with the world. In my teaching practice, I am committed to creating innovative and inclusive, liberatory learning experiences for language learners and fellow language educators to become critically aware of intersectional, power-bound dynamics in everyday interaction.