Researcher biography

Dr. Lee has been trained in applied linguistics in MA, critical curriculum study in PhD and has conducted researches in critical analysis of language (English and Korean and Chinese) textbooks and curriculum, postcolonial drama in Korea, language policy, multiculturalism in the school curriculum, North Korean defectors, North Korean education and school curriculum. He has published two monographs in a prestigious international publisher, 35 journal articles and book chapters, and one co-authored book. His researches cover not only the language (English and Korean and Chinese) in the school curriculum of South Korea, North Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Australia, and China, but also covers overseas Korean identity issues in North Korea, Japan, China, and Australia. Recently he has expanded his research towards environmental (sustainable green ideology) issues in the school curriculum (including textbooks) in Korea, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and South-East Asian countries. He is also conducting his research on Australian missionaries' contribution to the modernity of Korea (1899-the 1970s).