Japan has long been part of the social, cultural, political and historical landscape of Australia. Compared to other Asian nations it occupies a significant part of this space. However in recent years countries such as China and South Korea have become more visible, removing Japan from its position as Australia’s leading trading partner in Asia. Although the Japan-Australia relationship has been widely discussed, much less discourse has focused on Japan’s place within Australia and within the nation’s social, cultural and historical landscape. Past discussion has been about earlier enmity and misunderstanding as well as more recent close relations between the two countries. With the changing dynamic of Australia’s relationship with Asia there is a need for a fresh look at Japan within Australia and how Japan has been understood and conceptualised. 

As part of the final celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of Japanese, a series of Public Lectures and a closed conference on this theme will be held from November 25th to 27th. 

Please see below details and links for the public keynote presentations who will be presenting.

The University of Queensland would like to recognise the generous support of the Japan Foundation in sponsoring this event.






Public Lectures

The relationship between Japan and Australia has never been closer.  But is it deep … or is it all a tip with no iceberg?

Speaker: Professor Roger Pulvers

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Heritage Speakers - Mobility and Children - Memories of Children Crossing Borders

Speaker: Professor Ikuo Kawakami, Waseda University

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Trans-Asian engagement with Japan in Australia

Speaker: Professor Koichi Iwabuchi from Monash University

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Art, Advocacy and Accountability - the case of a Nikkei artist in Australia

Speaker: Mayu Kanamori

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