The rise of informationalism and the widespread use of computers and the Internet in the era of globalization have dramatically changed the ways that people interact, access and exchange information around the world. In this context, learners of English need a new set of literacy skills for English language acquisition. The main objective of this study is to explore how communication-oriented language teaching (COLT) can be redefined in the global age in a specific educational context - Vietnam. More specifically, the study will investigate the impact of globalization and the emergence of the virtual world on students’ English use. It will further examine teachers’ and learners’ perspectives toward COLT in the computer-mediated context. A mixed method including both quantitative and qualitative approaches will be adopted in the study. The findings of the study will provide significant implications for designing a new curriculum framework or approaches for ELT in the era of globalization.
Speaker Bio 
Thi Nhu Hang Mai is doing her Master of Applied Linguistics (Advanced) at the University of Queensland, Australia. She gained her undergraduate degree in English Language Teaching at Hue University of Foreign Languages - Vietnam. She has taught general English and English for specific purposes for nearly 4 years at Quang Binh University - Vietnam.