Communication across cultures

Name Project Title Advisors
Jane AHLSTRAND  Representations of AIDS and its victims in Indonesian newspapers: A critical discourse analysis  Ass. Prof. Helen Creese, Ass. Prof. Marisa Cordella, Dr Guy Ramsay
Todd ALLEN Aizuchi and culture: an analysis of listener behaviour in the Kansai and Kanto context Dr Belinda Kennett, Dr Sol Rojas-Lizana, Dr Kayoko Hashimoto
Bandar AL SHAMMARI Im/Politeness in intercultural arguments over moral offence Prof. Michael Haugh, Ass. Prof. Marisa Cordella
Majdah ASEERI Pragmatics of English E-mail Communication between Saudi Female Students and Male Professors Ass. Prof. Ilana Mushin, Dr Juliana de Nooy
Arfat BAIT JAMIL How do Omani Arabic speakers and Australian English speakers respond to compliments between each other? Dr Barbara Hanna, Dr Juliana de Nooy
Farzana CHOWDHURY Language, social integration and economic well-being: a narrative inquiry into language experiences of Bangladesh migrants in Australia Dr Juliana de Nooy, Dr Sol Rojas-Lizana
Hala, EL SAJ Multilingualism and code switching among first and second generation Lebanese-Australians Ass. Prof. Ilana Mushin, Dr Juliana de Nooy
Rika KUSUNOKI Towards a multicultural Japan: The introduction of foreign nurses and caregivers in an ageing society Dr Kayoko Hashimoto, Ass. Prof. Morris Low (HPI)
Anna KULL Maintenance of use of Estonian language in intercultural families in Australia Dr Juliana de Nooy, Em. Prof. Roly Sussex
Esther LOVELY A study of "Gireogi Appa": how do the Korean fathers who send their families overseas for education cope alone and how are the family relationships affected Dr Belinda Kennett, Ass. Prof. David Chapman
Chunxuan SHEN Bilingual development of English and Chinese by children of Chinese ethnicity in Australia:  The role of code-switching Dr Wendy Jiang, Prof. Ping Chen

History, literature and philosophy

Name Project Title Advisors
Ana CASPER-BURN The notion of "becoming" as a conceptual cornerstone in Friedrich Nietzsche's writings and as a methodological application in the psychoanalytical theories of Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan. Dr Stephan Atzert
Claudia DORSIC The impact of the Red Army Faction on the cultural and political imagination Dr Stephan Atzert, Ass. Prof. Andrew Bonnell (HPI)
 Joy McGRATH The demise of the Chinese courtesan: Murder, the mediasphere and the mixed court in Republican Shanghai Dr Rosemary Roberts
Maria DOLHARE Buen Vivir/Vivir Bien in Bolivia and Ecuador – theory and praxis Dr Roberto Esposto, Dr Sol Rojas-Lizana, Dr Sally Babidge (Soc Sci)

Language policy

Name Project Title Advisors
Min Hye CHO The comparative study on the construction of culture and ideologies in secondary English textbooks in Chongryeon (Pro-North Korean organization in Japan) and South Korea  Dr Isaac Lee
Imelda Language ecology and language policy Dr Kayoko Hashimoto, Ass. Prof. Helen Creese
Hai suk KIM Japanese imperial influences on Korean primary language textbooks written in Japanese from 1910 to 1945 Dr Isaac Lee, Dr Akiko Uchiyama
Thi Hong Nhat NGUYEN Developing human resources and a database of e-learning materials to support the current credit-based education at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Hanoi Pedagogical University, NS Dr Paul Moore, Hon. Prof. Mike Levy

Linguistic structure and function

Name Project Title Advisors
 Thomas MORT Examining changes in linguistic indicators of territory of information behavior across time Ass. Prof. Ilana Mushin, Dr Rod Gardner
Charlotte CHAMBERS The French influence on middle-English:  A study of genitive use Dr Felicity Meakins, Dr Barbara Hanna
Esther CZAJA A conversation analysis study of the 1993 Waco siege negotiations Dr Rod Gardner, Dr Ben Matthews (ITEE)
Thomas ENNEVER A sketch grammar of Ngardi Dr Felicity Meakins, Dr Mary Laughren
Amanda HAMILTON Nyangumarta and the school-aged child Dr Felicity Meakins, Ass. Prof. Rob Pensalfini
Jayden MACKLIN-CORDES Ancient languages and big-data linguistics: Sorting the signal from the noise Dr Erich Round, Dr Simon Greenhill (Ext)
 Hoang Phuong NGUYEN The grammaticalisation of nouns and verbs into prepositions in Vietnamese: the cases of giua and cho Dr Kari Sullivan,   Dr Erich Round
David OSGARBY A sketch grammar of Mudburra, Nothern Territory (Australia) Ass. Prof. Rob Pensalfini, Dr Felicity Meakins

Second language studies

Name Project Title Advisors
Nouf ALJOHANI Enhancing student’s acceptance toward synchronous interaction tools to improve listening proficiency:  Speakapps Mobile application podcasts and their effectiveness in enhancing listening skills Dr Barbara Hanna, Hon. Prof. Mike Levy
Alya AL SHAMMARI Exploring tensions and challenges experienced by NESTs and NNESTs as a result of dichotomy set between them in TESOL literature, focusing on the teachers professional identity in the context of Saudi Arabia Dr Barbara Hanna, Dr Adriana Diaz
Hon Yuen Virginia KWOK Perceptions and motivations: Exploring the use of technology in teaching languages in Australian schools Dr Barbara Hanna
Yang LEI Investigating syntactic priming effects in L2 using immediate sentence recall tasks Dr Noriko Iwashita, Dr Michael Harrington
Guangli LI Acquisition of English idioms by Chinese EFL learners Dr Wendy Jiang, Dr Michael Harrington
Michael MERSIADES Assessing Proficiency in Making Inferences during Reading in a Second Language Dr Michael Harrington, Dr Noriko Iwashita, Dr Juliana de Nooy
Thi Thu Huong NGUYEN  Translation criticism as a useful tool in enhancing learners critical thinking Dr Kayoko Hashimoto, Dr Akiko Uchiyama, Dr Belinda Kennett
Mauro OCANA Use of a generic adaptive learning environment (with recommender system) and email marketing tools to motivate supplementary autonomous learning among university EFL students Dr Barbara Hanna, Dr Juliana de Nooy
Daniel PALLER The impact of the new curriculum on the assessment policy:  Contradictions in the initiative of conducting English classes in English in Japanese high schools Dr Kayoko Hashimoto
SAHIRUDDIN The effect of L1 and L2 multimedia glosses on second language vocabulary acquisition and reading comprehension in Indonesian EFL Dr Michael Harrington, Dr Paul Moore
Annita STELL The long-term impact of online collaborative writing for EFL writing development Dr Noriko Iwashita
Daniel STUNTZ The effect of tablet devices on second language performance, motivation and materials development Dr Michael Harrington, Hon. Prof. Mike Levy
Claudia VASQUEZ The effect of lexical processing strategies (LPS) instruction on lexis learning/acquisition in high school students at vocational schools Dr Noriko Iwashita, Dr Adriana Diaz
Megan YUCEL Before and after IELTS: A narrative enquiry into the lived experiences of IELTS test candidates Dr Noriko Iwashita, Dr Paul Moore

The arts across culture

Name Project Title Advisors
 Sri MUNIROCH Pesantren literature: Finding its position in the history of Indonesian literature Ass. Prof. Helen Creese, Dr Annie Pohlman
Zac BRAXTON-SMITH  Lawson and Hernandez: National poetry in Australia and Argentina Dr Roberto Esposto, Prof. David Carter (Comm & Arts), Dr Geoff Wilkes
Oscar CARDENAS Raul Ruiz’s film making: An alternative to Central Conflict Theory Dr Joe Hardwick, Dr Roberto Esposto
Laura CLARK The changing discourses of Japanese gender ideals in the novels of Haruki Murakami Ass. Prof. David Chapman
Anne LEE Who's on top?  Representations of gender and sexuality in boy's love manga Ass. Prof. Tomoko Aoyama, Ass. Prof. Morris Low
Gustavo POENITZ Peronist neo-caudillism in Argentinian political literature: Biographical accounts of Carlos Menem and Nestor Kirchner Dr Roberto Esposto, Dr Sol Rojas-Lizana
Umme SALMA “But new connections begin, new traps arise and new pains”: Visions of transculturation in recent Indian sub-continental English novels Dr Amy Hubbell, Dr Juliana de Nooy
Tim GOULDTHORP Possibility and transcendence in the novels of Michel Houellebecq Ass. Prof. Greg Hainge, Dr Joe Hardwick

Translation and interpreting

Name Project Title Advisors
Jinyue WANG A study of Howard Goldblatt’s English translation of Mo Yan’s novels Dr Leong Ko
Libin WANG Translation of metaphors in financial discourse Prof. Ping Chen, Dr Leong Ko
Tin Kei WONG Female missionaries and the translation of Western children’s literature: construction of female consciousness Ass. Prof. Tomoko Aoyama, Dr Akiko Uchiyama, Dr Rosemary Roberts