Researcher biography

Dr Juliana DE NOOY's research interests include intercultural narratives and travel literature (esp. Australia/France); intercultural communication (esp. intercultural pragmatics and ICC pedagogy); computer-mediated communication (esp. intercultural); twins and doubles in contemporary literature and culture; theories of identity and difference.

Juliana completed a doctorate in literary theory at the Université de Paris 7 (Jussieu). She taught at the Université de Paris 10 (Nanterre) and the Université de Technologie de Compiègne before returning to the University of Queensland where she is a Senior Lecturer in French. She has published books on Derrida and Kristeva (1998), on twins in contemporary literature and film (2005) and on intercultural communication on Internet discussion sites (with Barbara Hanna, 2009). Her current project investigates memoirs by Australians living in France.