This presentation will be guided by her thesis topic: The imaginary of the Nikkei in Peru. This thesis explores the identity of the independent and well-defined diaspora group in the context of their self-identification as neither Japanese nor Peruvian (instead identifying with the label of ‘Nikkei’). This thesis uses the theories of self-categorization, prototypes, and the social imaginary to understand this group identity and membership criteria through an analysis of YouTube videos by Nikkei creators.

About the presenter

Brooke Szucs is an Honours student in the School of Languages and Cultures and works at the TC Beirne School of Law as a research assistant. Her research interests are diversity and culture, specifically with a focus to deliver positive change. Her current thesis focuses on the impacts of diaspora identity and is written in Spanish. Her work in law focuses on supporting persons with disabilities at work, and she hopes to continue her studies while combining these interest areas. 

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Through the scholarly analysis of many different kinds of cultural products, texts and phenomena, Studies in Culture brings together researchers who seek to understand how the world is understood differently by people coming from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Researchers in this cluster work on literature, film, music, theatre, the visual arts, intangible heritage, testimonies and historical narratives.

Research in Studies in Culture within the School centres around four broad sub-themes of Heritage, memory and trauma studies; Intellectual and cultural history; Literature; and Film and visual cultures.

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