About the presentation

Language technologies are influencing language research in the processes of documenting and storing language material, the analysis of data, and in making research processes and findings more reproducible. In this talk Ben Foley will discuss a range of technologies that are within reach of language researchers who don't have computational backgrounds, including the Elpis speech recognition system, and the use of "code notebooks" (with no coding required) for a range of linguistic analyses.

About the speaker

Ben Foley is working with the ARDC Language Data Commons of Australia and Australian Text Analytics Platform projects with UQ's School of Languages and Cultures. LDaCA and ATAP are developing technologies for language data analysis for community and academic researchers. Ben is also project manager of the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language's Transcription Acceleration Project (TAP). TAP is exploring the application of technologies in aspects of language work, to reduce the tedium of certain tasks such as transcribing, and enabling more of the world's languages to be used in digital spaces. Ben's previous experience with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language resource development has resulted in apps and websites galore, including the Iltyem-iltyem sign language website, and the Gambay First Languages Map website, documenting community-preferred locations for the hundreds of languages in Australia.

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