You are invited to attend the UQ Korean Studies Centre Webinar exploring issues in the development of Korean language textbooks hosted by the Korean Studies Centre at the University of Queensland (Australia).

This presentation will be presented in Korean.

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Professor Soojin Lee is a renowned scholar, and she is currently working as an editorial member in developing national Korean language textbooks and teachers' guidebooks for primary schools. Her research areas are curriculum, textbooks, genre and writing education mapping. Her co-authored books are: "The process and prospect of primary school Korean language textbooks", "A guide for Korean language education", "Collaborative education of Korean language", "Ways to enhance creativity in Korean subjects", and "Process-centred writing".

Discussant: Dr Dong Bae (Isaac) Lee (Co-Director, KSC, The University of Queensland)

MC: H. A. Prof. Jae-Hoon Jung (Co-Director, KSC, The University of Queensland)


Brisbane, Australia: Thursday 28 April 2022 from 4-5pm.
Seoul, Korea: Thursday 28 April 2022 from 3-4pm.