Speaker: Dr Bryan Mukandi, ARC DECRA Research Fellow, School of Languages and Cultures

Dr Mukandi has a medical degree from the University of Zimbabwe, MA degrees in the social sciences and political philosophy, and a PhD focused on twentieth century French philosophy, the critical philosophy of race, and African philosophy. He has worked as a health systems and policy researcher, focusing on Indigenous health; a health humanities researcher; and as of January this year, a DECRA fellow.

Title: The path beyond figments of your imagination: Seeing the Black child

Abstract: This presentation will provide an overview of the conceptual basis of Dr Mukandi's ARC DECRA project, Seeing the Black Child. The starting point are two related assumptions: that human perception is limited and mediated by a multitude of social and historical factors; and that the figure of the child is culturally specific, finite entity whose bounds exclude some children living in Australia today. The presentation will examine these assumptions, grapple with their implications. Dr Mukandi will then turn to the question of the possibility of expanding one’s imaginative horizons, and the prospects for the democratisation of the figure of the Australian child.

This seminar will be available via Zoom only.



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