Mr Tom Court - Research Impact Coordinator, Research Outputs and Impact, UQ Library
Ms Sarah Evans - Librarian, Research Outputs and Impact, UQ Library

Title: Research Impact and Evidence


This workshop will provide you with an introduction to Research Impact and evidence available to support claims of research excellence, engagement and impact, with a focus on traditional Humanities outputs, such as books and NTRO’s. It will enable you to identify key evidence that will strengthen your grant proposals or applications for promotion.

Tom Court, UQ's Research Impact Coordinator, and UQ Library staff will guide us through:

  • Understanding research impact, research pathways and related terminology
  • Becoming familiar with strategies to plan for research impact
  • Examples of research impact evidence and methods of evidence collection
  • UQ systems and organisational units which can support research impact.

The Research Seminars will now be held online via Zoom, available only to University of Queensland staff and students. 

Please visit StudentHub to book online. 

About Research Seminar Series

The School of Languages and Cultures Research Seminar Series provides an opportunity to hear from the School's researchers as well as visitors on a range of topics from the following research areas: Linguistics, Second Language Studies, Studies in Culture, and Translation and Interpreting

Research Seminars are only available for UQ students and staff. 




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