Speaker: Ms Seryun Lee, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Languages and Cultures

Seryun Lee is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the School of Languages and Cultures at the University of Queensland. She did her PhD in translation and intercultural studies at the University of Manchester. Her research interests include audiovisual translation, digital media culture, transnational communities, and Deleuzian philosophy.

Title: Innovative Audiovisual Translation and Community-Building on YouTube

Abstract: An increasing number of people are participating in producing, consuming, and disseminating media content among like-minded people in pursuit of their individual interests and agendas in participatory media culture. In today’s digitally networked society, such media prosumption may contribute to boosting the digital diaspora, facilitating the exploration and negotiation of shared interests among individuals from different lingua-cultural backgrounds, and enabling the formation of communities of affinity. Even though translation plays a vital role in these processes, the translation of such media content remains an under-researched area. Against this backdrop, this presentation addresses the community-building role of innovative audiovisual translation on YouTube.

Increasingly, YouTubers are translating their self-produced videos in order to reach out to a global viewership. In fact, YouTube is an arena where various emergent forms of audiovisual translation are taking place. Since YouTubers can exercise full discretion as for their own media production, they do not always conform to the traditional, industrial subtitling tradition. Rather, their translations often incorporate innovative practices that prioritise ‘the expression of affinity with their audience’ (Pérez-González, 2014: 235). In this presentation, I discuss how innovative subtitles deployed in vlogs can be used by YouTubers as a means to express themselves and to address viewers’ different language constituencies. In so doing, I argue that audiovisual translation contributes to developing transnational communities of affinity around media content in cyberspace.


ID Number 891 2640 6119