Speaker: Dr Melody Chang, Chinese Lecturer, School of Languages and Cultures, UQ 

TitleGetting acquainted in Taiwanese Chinese initial interactions

Abstract: There is an increasing number of studies of interactional practices in initial interactions, in which people who have not previously met are getting acquainted. Most of these studies have examined initial interactions in English (e.g. Carbaugh 2005; Haugh 2011; Haugh and Carbaugh 2015; Maynard and Zimmerman 1984; Pillet-Shore 2011; Schneider 1988), however, and only a few to date have focused on initial interactions in other languages (e.g. Svennevig 1999; Usami 2002). In this work-in-progress paper, I investigate initial interactions in which Mandarin Chinese speakers are getting acquainted, with a particular focus on self-presentation sequences. This paper aims to explore and examine how participants establish interpersonal relationships through the lens of interactional pragmatics (Arundale 2006, 2010a).

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