Speaker: Dr Geoff Wilkes, German Lecturer, School of Languages and Cultures, UQ

Dr Geoff Wilkes' research interests originate in German literature since 1870. He is particularly intersted in the literature of the Weimar Republic, the Nazi era (especially exile literature) and the immediate post-war years. He is also a practising literary translator, with an interest in Translation Studies.

Title: Gabriele Reuter’s bestseller Aus guter Familie (1895)

Abstract: Gabriele Reuter (1859-1941) had a long-running and prolific literary career, and is often cited as a significant forerunner of “New Woman” writers in German in the 1920s and 1930s such as Irmgard Keun, Vicki Baum and Joe Lederer. However, there is comparatively little scholarly literature which deals specifically with Reuter and her writing, and no monograph which encompasses a substantial selection of her works. She is primarily remembered for her 1895 bestseller Aus guter Familie (From A Good Family), which – not unlike Theodor Fontane’s vastly more celebrated novel from the previous year, Effi Briest – is the story of a middle-class young woman who suffers because she does not fulfil her familial and social obligation to make a “suitable” marriage.

This presentation outlines the unusual personal and professional career of Gabriele Reuter, and offers an analysis of Aus guter Familie, a novel which is probably unfamiliar even to most specialists in German Studies.

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