2 – 3 pm


Designing for translator-computer interaction

Since 2013 our research team has worked on mobile and desktop interfaces for translation and post-editing. The development of the most recent interface, Kanjingo Flow, was intended to build on this previous work to create an interface that combines keyboard, mouse, touch, voice seamlessly within a single translation interface. We also wanted to foreground accessibility concerns, conforming to web accessibility standards and considering principles of universal design. This presentation will explain the genesis of the  project, and report results of user evaluations with sighted and blind translators, and explain plans to use participatory design in the next stage.


3 – 4 pm


Wearable devices demonstration (Seb Dianati)

Panel discussion (Joss Moorkens, Seb Dianati and Luis Miguel Rojas Berscia)

This is an information panel discussion, where participants will have an opportunity to ask questions of the panellists.

To register for this workshop, please contact Dr Akiko Uchiyama via email


About Distinguished Visitor Program - Dr Joss Moorkens

The distinguished visitor’s program serves as a vehicle for identifying and addressing areas of shared research interest in the school. It provides the opportunity for the school to come together periodically to focus on a specific theme or topic that cuts across discipline boundaries.

The School of Languages and Cultures is looking forward to welcoming Dr Joss Moorkens  to The University of Queensland in August 2019. 


UQ St Lucia Campus
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