The School of Languages and Cultures is delighted to welcome Professor Yifeng Sun (University of Macau) to The University of Queensland in August 2018. During his visit, Professor Sun will be delivering a Masterclass titled 'Translating Cultures'. The Masterclass is a free event open to The University of Queensland HDR students and staff.

About the Masterclass: Translating Cultures

The cultural turn in the 1980s has not only been of profound significance to the development of Translation Studies. It is an often-repeated truism to say that translation does not take place in a vacuum, but in reality, lack of cross-cultural awareness and knowledge prevents many translators performing translation tasks competently and successfully. The importance of cultural dimension to translation has been underlined by a shifting focus on otherness, and this change of perspective and consciousness has prompted rethinking of culture as a vital part of translation research and practice. The challenge of translation lies at the intersection of cultural norms, traditions and values that pervade the source culture, and thus a heightened awareness of cultural differences. Translation has long been considered as cross-cultural communication. Dealing with cultural references and representations, in particular, is a necessary and primordial prerequisite for the success of translation, which must operate with an aggregate framework of cultural levels. It is often observed that cultural references and allusions ordinarily resist translation, and due to this potential untranslatability, they cannot be directly transferred without losing much of the richness of the original cultural information. Various translation strategies will be proposed to tackle communication problems in translation from a cross-cultural prospective.


The Masterclass will be held in the St Leo's Boardroom, St Leo's College. Click here to view the location on UQ Maps. 


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Please note: capacity for the masterclass is limited so we recommend that you register early to secure your spot.  


About Distinguished Visitor Program - Professor Yifeng Sun

The School of Languages and Cultures is delighted to welcome Professor Yifeng Sun (University of Macau) to The University of Queensland in August 2018. 

Yifeng Sun is Chair Professor of Translation Studies at the University of Macau, and formerly the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Director of the Centre for Humanities Research at Lingnan University, Hong Kong, and Vice President of the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies. In addition, he served as an Honorary Professor at The University of Queensland. He was educated or conducted research at the Universities of Nanjing, Cardiff, Westminster, Cambridge, Leiden and Oxford. 


St Leo's College (#36F)
College Road, The University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus
St Leo's Boardroom