Dr Adriana Diaz 


While the precarious state of language education in Australia can be largely attributed to the persistently dominant monolingual mindset in this country, it is also symptomatic of a field in transition, a field whose goals are currently being redefined in light of an increasingly multilingual and superdiverse world for which the development of cross-linguistic and cross-cultural competencies are vital.

This talk positions university modern/foreign language teachers as key agents of change in this critical state of play. Through ten pen-portraits and interview data from MFLTRs in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French studies, this talk will examine teachers’ perceptions of what university language and culture teaching can be from an intercultural, political and ethical perspective. The discussion and analysis of the data are framed by principles of Narrative Inquiry and, as such, they open a window into participants’ reflections on their professional raison d’être and overall engagement with their (professional) identity/ies in light of the challenges posed by a field in transition.

Speaker Bio 

Adriana Díaz is Lecturer in Spanish and Latin American Studies at the School of Languages and Cultures (UQ). Her main research activities focus on intercultural language pedagogy and the development of intercultural competence. She is particularly interested in the many variables affecting the implementation of intercultural language curricula and teaching methodologies as well as teachers’ journeys in the development of (critical) intercultural language learning pedagogies. Her secondary area of research interest concerns the development and implementation of hybrid/blended language learning strategies.

This talk will be based on an ongoing collaborative project with Dr Chantal Crozet (RMIT, University).

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