Qian Liu


Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT) is an approach in which the use of tasks is the central part of planning and instruction of language teaching. The study aims to examine the effects of task repetition combined with task complexity on the oral performance of Chinese EFL learners. It is expected to fill the gap in the literature in the field and provide teaching implications for the selection of tasks in second language classroom. Specifically, the study will adopt a mixed approach, with quantitative method to examine the effects of task repetition and task complexity on the accuracy, fluency and complexity of the learners’ oral performance on picture narrative tasks, and with qualitative method to investigate the learners’ perceptions of their oral performance with task repetition and different task complexity. The findings of the study will provide useful information for ESL teachers and curricular designers to improve current language teaching practices.

Speaker Bio

Qian Liu is doing her postgraduate degree in Applied Linguistics at the University of Queensland, Australia. She gained her bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature at Jilin University, China. She has also had experience of teaching English in some English language institutes in China.

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