'The World of Miyazawa Kenji: Literature, Science and a Philosophy for the 21st Century' - Masterclass presented by Roger Pulvers

Sat 26 Nov 2022 10:00am12:30pm


Gordon Greenwood (#32), room 215 and via Zoom
St Lucia

Registrations open


Miyazawa Kenji was a 21st-century visionary a century ahead of his time. How do his stories and poems reflect the issues of our own era?

Participants will be required to read one story or several poems, either in English or Japanese, and report on their meaning and significance.

This will be a forum for ideas spanning art, science and social action.

Miyazawa Kenji’s literature inspires readers and researchers in a wide range of fields, including environmental studies, food and agricultural studies, folklore and fairy tale studies and disaster studies.     

The Masterclass is co-hosted by the Festival of the Fantastic in Australian and Japanese Arts https://www.fantasyartsfest.com/

A series of events on the fantastic arts in Japan and Australia, both in-person and online. We have several events at UQ St Lucia at the end of November.

About the Presenter 

Honorary Professor Roger Pulvers is an acclaimed translator, author, playwright, journalist and theatre and film director who has published more than fifty books in Japanese and English. He has worked extensively in film and television and was assistant to director Nagisa Oshima on the film Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, starring David Bowie, Tom Conti and Ryuichi Sakamoto. He received the prominent Noma Award for the Translation of Japanese Literature in 2013, and the prestigious Miyazawa Kenji Prize in 2008. He was awarded Japan’s highest honour, the Order of the Rising Sun, in 2018 and the Order of Australia in 2019.

NB. the time of the event is 10am - 12.30pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). 
Daylight saving is not observed in Queensland.