Interactional Pragmatics Summer School

Interactional Pragmatics Summer School

Wed 9 Feb 2022 10:00amFri 11 Feb 2022 6:00pm



Interactional Pragmatics Summer School (IPSS) is a three-day in-person research training event hosted by the School of Languages and Cultures from Wednesday 9 February to Friday 11 February 2022.

IPSS is a great opportunity for undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral fellows to be introduced to or explore in more depth the methods of and topics in interactional pragmatics. Each day, there will be a combination of two types of sessions: (1) research presentations and (2) data analysis workshops.

The topics that the training session will focus on include:

  • Getting acquainted interactions;
  • Face;
  • (Im)politeness and morality;
  • Humour;
  • Social media interactions;
  • Action ascription;
  • Identity construction;
  • Managing knowledge in social interaction.

Interactional Pragmatics Summer School research presentations will be given by:

Michael Haugh is Professor of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in the School of Languages and Cultures at The University of Queensland. His research interests lie primarily in the field of pragmatics, with a focus to date on analysing face, (im)politeness, teasing and humour, indirectness, and intention.

Ilana Mushin is Professor of Linguistics in the School of Languages and Cultures The University of Queensland. Her research interests include: interactions between discourse, cognition and grammar, pragmatics, perspective-taking in discourse, Conversation Analysis, typology, narrative structure, language shift and language maintenance, Australian First Nations Languages.

Melody Chang is Lecturer in Chinese in the School of Languages and Cultures at The University of Queensland. His research interests lie in the fields of pragmatics, intercultural communication and business negotiation, with a focus on studying face, (im)politeness and humour.

Valeria Sinkeviciute is Lecturer in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in the School of Languages and Cultures at The University of Queensland. Her research interests lie in the field of pragmatics of social interaction (in face-to-face and digital settings) and discourse analysis, particularly, identity construction, humour, (im)politeness, getting acquainted and family talk.

IPSS is expected to be an in-person event. It is free of charge, but places will be limited to 20 participants. If you are interested in attending IPSS, please fill in the Expression of Interest form by January 5.

You will be notified by January 17, if your application has been successful.