Friday 6th May

Borges in Brisbane. Commemorating 30 years of his death.

9:30am - 12:00pm

Room 32-209

This seminar will be divided into two parts:

  • Presentation
  • Critical discussion of three short stories: The Immortal, The Warrior and the captive, The Aleph.

Participants are encouraged to read these stories and assess them critically prior to the seminar in order to take part in the event.



Emeritus Professor Julian Perez, Texas Tech University

Dr Lucas Rimoldi, CONICET, National Scientific and Technical Research Council, Argentina

Dr Roberto Esposto, UQ

Zac Braxton-Smith, PhD candidate, UQ

Title: “Borges and tradition”

Abstract: In the 1920s, Jorge Luis Borges had not yet achieved the mammoth reputation he holds today either outside or inside Argentina. In order to establish his own position at the centre of Argentine literature, Borges engaged in a campaign of literary activism to discredit the nation's most famous writer of the day, Leopoldo Lugones.  In this presentation, Zac Braxton-Smith will show how Broges reworked the Argentine literary tradition in his essays of the 1920s as part of his campaign against Lugones. To this end, Zac will pay special attention to Borges' now-forgotten essays of El Tamaño de mi Esperanza (1926) and Evaristo Carriego (1930).

Latin American Studies Seminar Series - Borges in Brisbane

Latin American Studies Seminar Series

Fri 6 May 2016 9:30am12:00pm


Gordon Greenwood Building (32), room 209. (32-209)