Honours Work in Progress Seminars are held once per semester, and present a great opportunity for our soon-to-submit honours students to get valuable feedback on their thesis projects before entering into the final stages.

Honours Seminars Semester 1 2017

Fri 28 Apr 2017 12:00pm1:30pm


Gordon Greenwood Building The University of Queensland, St Lucia

12:00pm Muhib Nabulsi: Re-remembering the Past: Discursive Re-configurations of Cultural Memory in Morvandiau’s D’Algérie


12: 30pm Celeste Humphris: Arrernt Imarnt ‘Solid Arrernte’ A Sketch Grammar of Lower Arrernte, a language of Central Australia


1:00pm Jacqueline Cook: A Sketch Grammar of Yangkaal, a Tangkic language of the Wellesley Islands