Master of Arts in Japanese Interpreting and Translation



Friday 21 October 10:00am

Topic: Three years in Onoda: a lifetime of memories

Speaker: Mr Michael Jennings, Associate Lecturer Mathematics, Faculty of Science, The University of Queensland



Friday 5 August 10:00am

Topic: Why export education is so important to the Australian economy & why international education is important to the World

Speaker: Ms Aimee Du Toit, General Manager Operations, Arinex Pty Ltd.

Friday 12 August 10:00am

Topic: What I am thinking as a Doctor

Speaker: Dr Shoshi Matsuda, Medical doctor

Presenting in Japanese. 

Friday 19 August 10:00am

Topic: ‘International Banking: A Guide to Importing and Exporting’ 

Speaker: Mr Stephen Klinakis, Senior Manager, Financial Markets (International Trade/Finance/Derivatives), Bank of Queensland.

Presenting in English.

*Wednesday 24 August 10:00am

Topic: Introduction to M&A

Speaker: Mr Yuta Ishii, MAJIT Student

Friday 2 September 10:00am

Topic: The University of Queensland–Kyushu University Oceania Project (UQ-KU Project)

Speaker: Dr. Kazuhiro Nogita, Associate Professor/ Director, Nihon Superior Centre for the Manufacture of Electronic Materials, School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering, The University of Queensland

Friday 9 September 10:00am

(All SI forum)

Topic: An Introduction to Heian Literature: A Genealogy of Japanese Love Poetry

Speaker: Mr Hidehiro Hosaka, Consul-General of Japan.

Friday 16 September 10:00am

Topic: ‘Methane recovery and carbon dioxide geo-sequestration’

Speaker: Dr Jun-Seok Bae, PhD, Research Scientist, CSIRO Energy,  

Friday 23 September 10:00am

Topic: 'What's Shaking? - Pathology of Parkinson's Disease'

Speaker: Dr Ryota Watanabe, Septem Soken Co., Ltd, Eskitis Institute for Drug Discovery, Griffith University Nathan Campus

Friday 7 October 10:00am

Topic: Anxiety in Children

Speaker: Dr Maria Rosa Mallardo, Lecturer, School of Education, The University of Queensland

Friday 14 October 10:00am

Topic: What can clinicians and researchers do about the problem of overdiagnosis?

Speaker: Professor Jenny Doust, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Centre for Research in Evidence-based practice, Bond University

MAJIT Interpreting Forums 2016

Fri 21 Oct 2016 10:00am


J.M Campbell Conference Interpreting Room E216, Forgan Smith Building (#1)