The School of Languages and Cultures each year holds a Chinese Writing Contest.
The contest is open to primary and high school students of Chinese from years 5 - 12 and caters for both non-native and native speakers of Mandarin or any Chinese dialect. 

The School received 210 entries from 41 primary and secondary schools for the competition in 2015 and we wish to thank all those teachers and students from participating schools. 

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2015 Contest Details
When and how was the contest run?

The 2015 Writing Contest was held between Tuesday 6 and Friday 16 October.

Entries closed Wednesday 28 October 2015. 

After completion of the test, teachers were asked to select what they consider to be the best two entries in each Section and forward them to us for final judging.  If more than two entries were sent, unfortunately  only the first two entries were considered. Teachers were asked to also provide a typed list showing the School, Section and student names of the entries you submit, and also include your contact details (name and email). This is to avoid errors in our preparation of the prize certificates.

Papers and Answer Sheets

Copies of papers and answer sheets were posted out to schools in late August. Fore electronic copies please contact us

Blank copies of the answer sheets are available to download below.


Competition Guidelines

Sections V to VIII are for native speakers of Mandarin or any Chinese dialect who have Chinese education in their home regions prior to migrating to Australia; such students may not participate in Sections I - IV. In the interests of fair and accurate competition, please ensure this rule is adhered to.

  • Students should use the answer sheets as provided here and in the information packs sent to schools, and should clearly write in their name, section and school.

  • They may use whatever writing instrument they prefer.

  • With the exception of Section I, they may use whichever size of square-grid paper they prefer.

  • The use of a dictionary and Hanyu textbook is permitted in Sections I to IV only.

  • Students may use either full form or simplified characters, but NOT a mixture of the two.

  • For sections I and II the test should be completed in two class periods.

  • For sections III to VIII in one class period.


Judging and Prizes

The judging is undertaken by a panel of three Chinese language teachers from the School of Languages and Cultures.

The Confucius Institute at the University of Queensland has kindly sponsored a First, Second and Third Prize for each Section, as well as two Supreme Awards: one each for the best overall entry from Sections I-IV and Sections V-VIII.

A Participation Certificate is provided and teachers are invited to make copies and distribute as needed.

Once results are finalised in November prizes and certificates will be posted out. A list of winners will be published on the School of Languges and Cultures website in early November. 



Contest Coordinator, Dr Daphne Hsieh, on (07) 3365 6278 or by email at


This event is kindly supported by the Confucius Institute at the University of Queensland. 

Chinese Writing Contest 2015

Wed 28 Oct 2015 5:00pm