Writing a thesis is a daunting task that often leaves researchers questioning the real-world applications of their work.

This is why the 2015 Rhizomes Conference, hosted by the School of Languages and Cultures at the University of Queensland, titled ‘Your Research, Your World’: Language, Literature and Linguistics in the Real World, sought to explore the world beyond the thesis. By bringing together both academic and industry professionals in language, literature and linguistics, this conference encouraged participants to think beyond their current projects and consider how their skills can by utilised on a broad scale.

The conference welcomed postgraduate (MPhil and PhD), early career researchers and honours and masters students to explore the many ways the interdisciplinary fields of language, linguistics, literature and cultural studies can be applied both within and outside academic settings.

Submission disciplines included:

  • linguistics and applied linguistics
  • literary studies
  • cultural studies
  • language studies
  • other relevant disciplines

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Email: rhizomes@uq.edu.au

Event History
Since 2005, the School of Languages and Cultures has hosted the Rhizomes Post-graduate Conference, which is organised by a committee of research higher degree students active in the School. Rhizomes ­ is designed for PhD and research Master students and early career researchers, and attracts speakers from Australian and international universities.
The aim of Rhizomes is to provide an opportunity for early research scholars working within the Humanities and Social Sciences to engage in interdisciplinary dialogue on a particular theme. 
Past events include:
  • 2015 Rhizomes IX: Your Research, Your World: Language, Literature and Linguistics in the Real World
  • 2014 Rhizomes VIII: Surviving and Thriving in Multilingual Spaces
  • 2013 Rhizomes VII: Words, Power and Identity
  • 2011 Rhizomes VI: Other Words, Other Worlds: Linguistic & Cultural Diversity in a Globalising Era 
  • 2010 Rhizomes V: Diaspora: Language and Place
  • 2008 Rhizomes IV: Power Violence Language
  • 2007 Rhizomes III: Different Becomings
  • 2006 Rhizomes II:  Re-visioning Boundaries
  • 2005 Rhizomes: Connecting Languages, Cultures and Literatures 

Rhizomes IX

Thu 11 Jun 2015 9:00amFri 12 Jun 2015 3:00pm


Gordon Greenwood Building (32), The University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus