This talk explored some trending themes in the rapidly growing and interdisciplinary field of Translation Studies, in the hope that this overview might provide some guidance for those starting out in this field as well as point to lines of inquiry that can build on UQ’s existing research strengths. Alongside the enduring interest in literary translation, Translation Studies today encompasses diverse perspectives, theories and methodologies, resulting in a productive cross-fertilisation. Given its underlying essence of change, translation has broad implications that readily ‘translate’ into many research areas far beyond the strictly linguistic. Of special interest are some ‘blank spaces’ in current research, particularly from an Australian perspective.
About the presenter
Professor Judy Wakabayashi
Judy Wakabayashi is Professor of Japanese Translation at Kent State University in Ohio, which has an MA program in translation in six languages and a PhD program in Translation Studies.

Professor Wakabayashi is a pioneering and leading scholar, with an international reputation in translation studies in the Japanese context.

Her knowledge and expertise are not confined to the Japanese field. As an internationally recognised scholar, she has been invited to various institutions in Asia and Europe to give lectures and master classes.

Professor Wakabayashi received her PhD from the University of Queensland in 1993 and taught Japanese-English translation in the MAJIT program before moving to Kent State University in 2002.

Trends in Translation Studies

Tue 11 Aug 2015 6:00pm


Library Conference Room, Level 1 Duhig Building, Campbell Rd, St Lucia Campus